Gina Donnelly

Gina Donnelly

Emerging Producer

Gina Donnelly is an award winning playwright and producer. She works across multiple roles in theatre. She is one half of the theatre making partnership SkelpieLimmer.

In her work as SkelpieLimmer she has achieved massive success with ‘Two Fingers Up’ (co writer, co producer, co director) and ‘Scaredy Fat’ by Colm McCready (Producer, Assistant Director).

Her writing credits include ‘Tea’; a piece about post-traumatic stress as a result of abortion restriction in Northern Ireland, ‘Ice Cream’, a piece about hidden homelessness and domestic violence, ‘What If We’d Stayed Angry’; a special commission for New York Origins First Irish Festival imagining Northern Ireland in 2050, for which she focused on the absence of proper government in Northern Ireland.

She is currently working in her first TV Commission with Seón Simpson and her newest piece of writing ‘Love Is Mortifying’; a fairytale for the Tinder generation can be heard now on BBC Radio 4 and Sounds as part of BBC Shortworks.

Her work with SkelpieLimmer has earned her multiple awards including Abbey Theatre and Dublin Fringe Creative Thinking Award 2019, Lustrum Award Edinburgh 2019, both for ‘Two Fingers Up’, and Edinburgh National Partnerships Pleasance Award 2023 for ‘Scaredy Fat’. SkelpieLimmer are currently developing a factual entertainment podcast inspired by ‘Two Fingers Up’.

A weird and wonderful 60 minute show.
— The Irish News (Scaredy Fat)

Irrevernet and energetic, an uproarious corrective.
— The Stage (Two Fingers Up)

Scaredy Fat by Colm McCready
Presented by SkelpieLimmer Productions

Fat, Queer and Turned on by Fear!

Scaredy’s working the cinema late shift. Tonight’s schedule? The horror movie sexual awakenings of yesteryear.
Stuffed with steamy recollections of Carrie and Candyman, Scaredy should be in ecstasy but evil horror host Count Calories keeps cutting in on the fun.

It’s time for Scaredy to face their fears and stop being such a big scaredy fat.
Come to the movies with Scaredy as they poke fun at fat and queer representation in the horror genre, asking what it means to love a genre that doesn’t love you back.

We’re gonna need a bigger shirt.

Developed at FRINGE LAB, The MAC Belfast, the Lyric Theatre, CQAF, MAKE and Scene+Heard. Supported by FRINGE LAB X field:arts, Les Enfants Terribles and Pleasance.


Platforms. Image by Becky Cheatle. Dublin Fringe Festival.

Ois O’Donoghue

Ois O’Donoghue

Emerging Producer

Ois O’Donoghue is an interdisciplinary artist, actor and producer from Dublin.

Her practice focuses on the exploration of the bounds of medium and genre, using convention like a cat uses a ball of yarn to delve into the things that divide us and bring us together in an increasingly divided world. Her work focuses on themes of isolation, queerness and societal progression and regression, all from an Explicitly Trans perspective.

In 2020, Ois co-founded Jaxbanded Theatre with collaborator Ruairi Nicholl, where she would go on to create works in a variety of mediums, including the short film Camping At The End Of The World, the concept album Sentimental: A New Gig Musical, as well as the virtual interactive theatre piece Aion which would go on to be accepted into the 2023 Game Developers World Championship. In 2023 Jaxbanded performed Work In Progress Performances of HYPER and Sentimental: A New Gig Musical at the Scene & Heard 2023 Festival. Outside of Jaxbanded, has directed Adaptations of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Kae Tempest’s Wasted and Mark O’Rowe’s Buzzin’ To Bits. She has also recently performed in productions of Luke Shanahan’s The Absolute State and is featured as ‘Izzy’ in Lemonsoap Production’s new Radio Drama Fruit in Association with Once Off Productions.

In a Producing capacity, Ois has worked alongside Lovano and United Fall on productions such as Night Dances, What We Hold, King Shrine and Gold In The Water. Recently, Ois acted as Co-Director of the 2023 ISDA Festival alongside Daniel Culleton.

She is currently the Company Manager of United Fall. She is also producing Martha Knight’s The King Of All Birds as well as her own piece HYPER at the 2023 Dublin Fringe Festival.

Ois holds an MA in Theatre Practice from University College Dublin.

HYPER By Ois O’Donoghue and Jaxbanded Theatre
“Do you think they heard Ronnie Drew, but saw Lady Gaga?”

From PC Music to SOPHIE to 100 Gecs, for decades now Trans people have been using Hyperpop as a way to shatter standards of genre, gender and good taste. Right now, the only thing Saoirse wants to shatter is her own f*cking voice.

Life has always been the same for Conall and Saoirse. Rehearse. Gig. Pints. But following a shift in Saoirse’s identity they must confront the changing nature of their music and friendship as they prepare for their comeback performance.

A confrontation that forces Saoirse to explore the deeper parts of herself in a search for righteous and riotous Trans Joy. Told through live vocal modulation and manipulation, HYPER is a rip-roaring and unabashedly Queer theatrical deep dive into Trans Identity and Music. What it means to
speak, sing and, for the audience (yes, you babe), to listen.

The King Of All Birds By Martha Knight, Produced by Ois O’Donoghue
We’re obsessed with seeing ourselves from above. We display aerial photos of our homes, we gather in our masses to watch men fly, and, every couple of hundred years, we crown a king.

This is a fresh and playful gig for voice and vocoder. It picks apart our shared history with the sky: the years when it remained untouched, those first ventures into it, and now, our endless climbing up, and up, and up.


1. HYPERPhoto credit: Kilian Harrison

2. The King Of All BirdsPhoto credit: Owen Clarke



Emerging Producer

Osaro is a multi disciplinary artist and producer.

Osaro is a multi disciplinary artist and producer with a fascination for Nigerian folklore, Irish mythos and the Rapture; themes which influences her music practice and personal style. As the director of the award winning Fried Plantains Collective,  Osaro recently completed the Romily Walton Masters Residency at the Centre Culturel Irlandais (CCI) in Paris and presented her live music event, Black Jam (Jam Noir) at the CCI.  Black Jam will be presented at the Dublin Fringe Festival in September 2023.

Osaro’s first audio-visual, metamorphic piece ‘Obsidian Blackwas shortlisted for GAZE International Film Festival 2022, originally commissioned for On Belonginga 2021 exhibition curated by Diana Bamimeke

Osaro previously produced ‘Nu Roots’, a live music performance and panel discussion evening in collaboration with Live Collision International Festival for three consecutive years and Change of Address in 2019.


Black Jam By Fried Plantains Collective
A showcase of powerful live music and ballads from Dublin’s alternative composers. Their experimental dark-wave, Afro-electro grime and hard hitting punk will explore themes of intimacy, esotericism and loneliness in our current state of being.

Acts include the Dutch lesbian rap duo LIONSTORM, gothic sounds and visuals of Nicol Faer and Leo Pellegatta, Coolgirl, Cami, melodic mantras from Ruairi Conneely, and many more.

So, put on your stomping boots and get ready to dance.

Developed at FRINGE LAB. Supported by FRINGE LAB X field:arts and by the Centre Culturel Irlandais and Dublin Fringe Festival’s Romilly Walton Masters Award.


1. Black Jam by FRIED PLANTAINS COLLECTIVE. Photo credit: Ana Lucia Mondolon