Independent Artist

37d03d Events is an evolving community of artists who come together to collaborate in unique residency projects around the world, founded by Mary Hickson, Justin Vernon, and Bryce & Aaron Dessner.

Since 2016, 37d03d has brought together artists for week-long residencies to create and share their work. These events were established to provide time and space for artists to develop ideas, inspire each other and make  new work. These are artist driven projects which have not failed to deliver unique experiences for the audience that witness them. 37d03d events have hosted residencies in Berlin, Cork, New York, Eaux Claires, Cincinnati, LA and are working on events coming up in Vienna, Moscow, London and further afield.  Each constellation of artists, place and energy brings about a unique alchemy which further inspires the extended community.

I keep coming back to the notion of discovery, spending this time all together collaborating is for me all about discovery and growth. Having the opportunity to collaborate with your peers and bounce new ideas off each other is absolutely critical to artistic development.  There are so many music festivals in the world, but very few which are artist-driven and which allow you the time and space to create new music – a completely open and non-commercial environment where the only goal is creation and work in progress is encouraged.  — Aaron Dessner on 37d03d

37d03d events to date have been transformative for both the artists and the audience.  Free of headliners and sponsors, the events have been known to be a revelation in uncertainty and surprise.

Artists that have participated in these special events include founders Justin Vernon, Aaron & Bryce Dessner together with Feist, Ragnar Kjartansson, Jon Hopkins, Ragnar Kjartansson, This is the Kit, Lisa Hannigan, The Staves, Alex Somers, Boys Noize, Andre de Ridder and Stargaze, Alexi Murdock, Dustin O’Halloran, Damien Rice, Helado Negro, Holly Blakey, Efterklang, Jenny Lewis, Ariel Engle, Pauline DeLassus, Adam Cohen, Richard Reed Parry and many many more.  With each event the community expands and the hope is that artists and audiences will continue to grow, evolve and develop together.



1. Women’s Choir with Jessica Dessner. Photo credit: Graham Tolbert (2018)

2. Justin Vernon & Cantus Domus at Berlin 37d03d residency. Photo credit: Graham Tolbert (2018)

3. Zach Condon (Beirut) and friends at Berlin 37d03d residency. Photo credit: Graham Tolbert (2018)