Independent Artist

Comprised of two members that reflect a yin & yang quality contrast in sounds & style.

Dulanii’s music is reminiscent of indigenous ritual music that is glued together with contemporary, attention-grabbing production. Dulanii is the Arabic phrase for “guide the way”, which succinctly describes this duo’s approach to creating music as a means of connection with the self and with one another. Based on the explorations of music & movement as medicine to ward off stagnant energy that doesn’t serve the highest good, there is a courage to Dulanii’s music that aims to liberate the human spirit.

The potency is in the rawness of their sound, and is exactly the point where they aim to transform pain into power and share the joy that oneness brings.

The two members, Proud Ngwenya (aka PRÂUD) and Farah El Neihum (aka Farah Elle) both contribute to the sound in profoundly different ways. As young children who hailed to Ireland from opposite ends of Africa, one can’t deny the role that this experience evidently plays out in the sound of their shared project. Honoring their ancestors and making space for the Amazigh & Zulu tribes of the North & South to co-exist and connect musically (for the first time ever) through the unique sound that Dulanii has – they are equally as excited to see how this project grows and develops.

Reflecting on what Dulanii means to them; both Farah & Proud mention “finding huge freedom from limiting beliefs” while they create this music together. Even during the early days of writing, they were met with fear from their loved ones based on the radical nature of the sound. After reflecting and considering if they should change their sound to be safer, it became clear that one thing remained – the freedom that art provides. This goes to show how challenging it can be to do something that hasn’t really been done before. This remains as their motivation to stay true to their sound and make music that comes directly from the heart, without fear of dogma or limiting beliefs.

Dulanii’s music aims to provide a space for people to hear and feel their own truth too. By protecting the inner child and allowing a sense of play. To create & make noise for them, to give them a space to let the spirit heal and celebrate the journey of life.

Dulanii guide the way for themselves to be closer to union through music.