Associate Company

Formed in 2015, MALAPROP Theatre is an award-winning collective of theatre-makers. Their work is bold, playful, and genre-spanning. MALAPROP aims to challenge, delight, and speak to the world we live in (even when imagining different ones).

Work to date includes:
LOVE+ (2015)
BlackCatfishMusketeer (2016)
JERICHO (2017)
Everything Not Saved (theatre show, 2017 and short film, 2018)
GULP (video, 2020)
Before You Say Anything (2020)
Where Sat The Lovers (2021) and
HOTHOUSE (2023).

The company has won the Spirit of Fringe Award (Dublin Fringe 2015), the Georganne Aldrich Heller Award (Dublin Fringe 2017), Melbourne Fringe Award 2018, the Romilly Walton Masters Award 2018, Best Design Ensemble (Dublin Fringe Festival 2023) and Best Production (Dublin Fringe Festival 2023).

MALAPROP has performed their work in Ireland, the UK, France, China and Australia.

Hothouse has a delicate line to walk here, between big-picture and personal, deadly serious and wild fun and funny. Malaprop pulls it off with skill, style and substance.
— Deirdre Falvey, Irish Times

A production of such unbridled brilliance it’s practically flawless.
— Chris O’Rourke, The Arts Review

A company of real ambition. One which is using theatrical form to grapple with the complexities of a world where the ground is constantly shifting beneath our feet and where what we believe can be recalibrated not just on a daily basis but minute by minute.
— Lyn Gardner, Stagedoor


1. Aoife Spratt in BlackCatfishMusketeer by Dylan Coburn Gray. Photo credit: Molly O’Cathain (2016)

2. Ghaliah Conroy and Maeve O’Mahony in Before You Say Anything by MALAPROP. Photo Credit: Simon Lazewski (2020)

3. Breffni Holahan and Maeve O’Mahony in LOVE+ by MALAPROP. Photo Credit: Carla Rogers (2015)