Origins Eile


Origins Eile

Origins Eile

Independent Artist

Origins Eile (OE) is a curatorial collective for people of colour (QTIPOC) based in Dublin led by Karen Miano and Maïa Nunes. 

Co-founded in 2017 by artists Karen Miano and Maïa Nunes, OE is dedicated to creating space, visibility and support for Black folx and POC in Ireland with an emphasis on the safety and celebration of queer Black people. OE is an arts and community focused group that organises events, discussions, workshops and more. Rigorous and self-critical in their aspirations, OE is open to growing and expanding into whatever the community needs.

In 2020, Origins Eile ran a small program of events entitled DESTINY: A Constellation of Queer Afro Futurist Visions as part of Dublin Fringe Festival 2020, and launched a new Black Queer publication called TONGUES in association with Black Pride Ireland. They are recent recipients of the Arts Council Capacity Building Award and alongside their independent creative programming and community organizing, OE is currently developing two collaborative projects; WEFT, a series of events dedicated to QTIBPOC community as part of Dublin Fringe Festival, and BALLROOM, a research project commissioned by Live Collision.


  1. Tongues image by Sal Stapleton.
  2. Poster for Destiny by Gesiye Souza Okpofabri.
  3. Poster for Panel Discussion by Gesiye Souza Okpofabri.