Proud Ngwenya

Proud Ngwenya

Independent Producer

Proud Ngwenya is a multi-disciplinary Artist and Creative Producer.

Proud infuses his role with a distinctive perspective that seamlessly blends creativity and production. His journey began as a dancer, where he competed nationally and shared his expertise through teaching. Before transitioning into the world of music, where Proud has graced stages nationwide, including renowned venues like the RDS, as the support act for luminaries such as Rihanna.

With over a decade of experience in the music industry, Proud is also the co-founder of DIAxDEM, an independent record label based in Dublin. Established in 2018, DIAxDEM boasts a diverse roster of Artists, Producers, and DJs united by a shared passion for music and visual arts, exploring a multitude of genres.

As a creative producer, Proud is dedicated to bringing ideas to fruition, adeptly bridging the gap between creativity and production. His invaluable insights elevate each project he undertakes. Despite a flourishing career in advertising, where he works with both domestic and international brands, Proud remains deeply committed to his artistic endeavours.

Proud’s portfolio shines with collaborations alongside renowned artists such as Farah Elle and ALYXIS. Currently, he is immersed in a project named DULANII, the Arabic phrase for “guide the way,” which delves into the exploration of music & movement as medicine, embodying Proud’s unwavering dedication to his craft.