Sal Stapleton

Sal Stapleton

Independent Artist

Sal is a non-binary multidisciplinary artist known for their immersive and diverse creations, combining animation, VFX, lighting, and stage design.

Their work has gained recognition through collaborations, online showcases, and festival performances. In 2021, their ALYXIS debut earned acclaim for its immersive audiovisual experience. Sal’s skills extend to game development, 3D modeling, animation, sound mixing, and VR.

They explore installation art, live performance, and visual projects. Sal co-founded DIAxDEM, a music label, and established creative arts and media company Goldmoth Media.

What sets Sal apart is their self-taught approach to music and visuals. They’ve tirelessly pursued knowledge through online tutorials and sought inspiration from experts. This drive stems from their upbringing in the DIY punk scene, which instilled self-reliance and a determination to create independently. Sal’s journey is defined by independence, handling songwriting, production, and visuals with meticulous care. Their art reflects a raw authenticity and unapologetic individuality rooted in their DIY punk background.

Sal’s story is a testament to their determination, resilience, and commitment to their craft, forging their own artistic path and inspiring others with fearless expression.