Talking Shop Ensemble

Talking Shop Ensemble

Independent Artist

Talking Shop Ensemble are a Dublin based theatre collective who are interested in making work that speaks to the here and now.

The company consists of theatre artists Aisling Byrne, Lisa Walsh and Shaun Dunne. Their shared desire to create work that is playful, pertinent and, most importantly, urgent has resulted in critical acclaim, support from the Arts Council and several awards over the years.

The company has collaborated to create art that talks about intellectual disability service provision in Ireland, unemployed tradesmen in their fifties, psychic mediums in Dublin, and generation emigration.

Their multi-award winning work includes Rapids, Advocacy, Death of the Tradesmen, and I am a Homebird (It’s very hard). Most recently, TSE completed a critically acclaimed initial production of Making A Mark — a documentary style, autobiographical piece that places the voice and lived experience of an artist with an intellectual disability front and centre stage — as part of Dublin Fringe Festival 2019.


Rapids builds a skillful, shocking picture of how shame persists in isolation, how stigmas are maintained by silence and how invisibility perpetuates the problem.

a work as involving and compassionate as Rapids could be the beginning of an antidote.

– The Irish Times


1. Aisling Byrne in Making a Mark by Shaun Dunne. Photo credit: Luca Trufarelli (2019)

2. Shaun Dunne and Lauren Larkin in Rapids by Shaun Dunne. Photo credit: Hazel Coonagh (2019)

3. Mark Smith and Aisling Byrne in Making a Mark by Shaun Dunne. Photo credit: Luca Trufarelli (2019)