field:arts is a new pilot initiative co-founded by two of Ireland’s leading Creative Producers, Lynnette Moran and Matt Smyth. Alongside a carefully curated group of creative producers, and the contemporary practitioners they work with, they set out to build a model of professional and interdisciplinary exchange; to cultivate and embolden growth, sustainability and ambition across the independent contemporary arts sector in Ireland.

These supports centralised around the Creative Producer are designed to elevate the fundamental relationship between the Creative Producer and the Artist, and to acknowledge both as valued practitioners. field:arts recognises the alchemy of process, ideas, partnership and collaboration required to realise ambitious projects of excellence and of artistic value.

We hold central the care and supports that are needed for better living and working conditions.

This new initiative provides tangible financial, production, training, administrative and mentorship supports for Creative Producers at critical points in their practice. Enabling Producers and artists to do what they do with a framework of agile supports within a nexus of skill-sharing, professional development and mentorship.

field:arts Creative Producers are currently working across Theatre, Dance, Visual Art, Participatory Arts, Digital Strategies, Film and Music.